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It’s been a long time coming, clearly," says the singer. children were being taken away from their families, and it was the first time you heard the audio of these little babies on the phone,

Apr 16, 2017. New Zealand rock composer and singer, Merv Pinny, has been playing music since he was 10. At 15 he left school to work on a farm during the.

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Dec 13, 2014. “When the Children Cry” – White Lion. White Lion were a fifth-rank hair metal band in the 80's. Everything you need to know about how bad hair.

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However, the singer admitted he has "zero" relationship with his children. "But I know my kids love me," he. At one point Azriel Clary began to cry during Thursday’s interview, which King said.

Nov 10, 2015. White Lion, the New York-based rock band fronted by Danish singer. react if White Lion played their new single When The Children Cry,

Nov 7, 2010. "When the Children Cry" is a song about children suffering under a war ridden country. Not all of White Lion's songs were about social or political issues. vocalist Mike Tramp (ex-Mabel,ex-Studs) met Brooklyn guitarist Vito.

Lyrics and video for the song When The Children Cry by White Lion – Songfacts. children sing then the new world beginsWriter/s: VITO BRATTA, MIKE TRAMP

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Running to 4 minutes 18 seconds and co-written by vocalist Mike Tramp and guitarist Vito Bratta, "When The Children Cry" is the tenth and final track on the.

. one of the more talented acts was New York's White Lion, led by singer Mike Tramp (originally from. When The Children Cry (Original Studio Demo) – Single.

White Lion, Category: Artist, Albums: Mane Attraction, Big Game, Pride, Fight To. Top Tracks: When the Children Cry, You're All I Need, Til Death Do Us Part, of the more talented acts was New York's White Lion, led by singer Mike Tramp.

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After 15 years of hiding it, Prattville singer/songwriter Britt Johnson came out as gay last. He has been gone for 10 years now and I can still hear those words, and I still cry thinking about them.

Icelandic singer Glowie says she struggled with that question at school. the 21-year-old had the opposite worry. She says children and teachers called her names for "being too skinny" – and that.

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Still Loving You – Scorpions. Don't Know What You Got Till its Gone – Cinderella. When the Children Cry – White Lion. Is This Love – Whitesnake.

Her début studio album, “The Divine Miss M,” from 1972, had catapulted her from cult lounge singer to national star. she came up with an idea for a children’s book: the origin story of a precocious.

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Though she does touch on serious topics in her sprawling bubble gum anthems — an example being her most recent breakup ballad “All I Do Is Cry” — the German singer wholly embraces the playful, and.

"When the Children Cry" is a song performed by the rock band White Lion. It is the third single. Personnel[edit]. Mike Tramp – Lead vocals · Vito Bratta – Lead guitar · James Lomenzo – Bass guitar · Greg D'Angelo – Drums.

Sep 5, 2012. Twenty-five years ago, White Lion released their breakthrough album, Pride. melodic guitar work and the heartfelt lyrics and vocals of Mike Tramp. “Tell Me” and “When The Children Cry” continues to make great music.

A famous religious singer based in Kano, Sheriff Rabiu Baba, is dead. Baba, who died on Thursday in his Kano residence after a protracted illness, left behind a wife and many children. The News Agency.

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May 1, 1988. "It doesn't really matter how we look," insisted Mike Tramp, the long-maned, Nordic lead singer of the hot pop-metal band White Lion, which has a Top 15. " When the Children Cry," which seems to belong on another album.

When The Children Cry Lyrics: Little child dry your crying eyes / How can I explain the fear you feel. Cause when the children sing then the new world begins

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“Crowds of children joined in, so it had a different mood,” Hugo recalls and notes how the singer’s timidity seemed to disappear. “He might have been self-conscious but not with his music, because.

Sep 28, 2017. The song has become a thread-worn children's jingle from a lifetime of. I remember being moved to tears while hearing Pete Seeger sing "We.